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This collection features beach stones from all across the maritime provinces so that you may carry a part of the ocean with you no matter where your journey takes you! Stones are carefully hand-selected for their unique characteristics. Each stone is special for a reason.
You are truly one in a billion, unique and important to those who chose to hold onto you. You are one of a kind, shaped by your experiences, and you are not alone. You are treasured.


The four maritime provinces (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI, and Newfoundland & Labrador) have over 43,000 km of coastline which makes them wonderful for beachcombers. Have you discovered your own treasures along these beautiful shorelines and wish to have it preserved as a beautiful piece of ocean jewellery? Custom jewellery order inquiries can be made by email at with the following header: ATTN: CUSTOM ORDER: BEACH STONE JEWELLERY. Prices are subject to vary based on the stone as the size and shape influences design. Design, material choice, weight, chain length, time, etcetera influence pricing but price ranges will usually reflect the prices of similar designs of similar weight, material, and design.

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