Handcrafted Fine Art Jewellery

by Maritime Canadian Metalsmith & Multidisciplinary Artist Kate White

The process


Playing with Fire

I use my Smith Little torch to join together (solder) pieces of metal as well as to fuse, reticulate, and anneal (soften metal in order to make it more malleable for forging). A lot of my creative process involves experimenting with pushing my materials to its limits under the extreme heat of the flame. There is something incredibly exciting and yet calming about the intensity of working with the flame. This is where I let the metal do the talking and I listen carefully. 


Lost-wax casting

Much of my work is hand-carved from wax using carving tools and heat. Once a carving is completed, a mold is made and the wax model is melted away. Molten metal is then poured into the mold and an exact copy is made of the original wax carving. This is one of my favourite techniques because it allows for such unique textures.  The unveiling of the casting in the final finishing stages feels magical. Carving with intention is a very meditative process.



I create my work starting from raw metal in sheet, wire, tube, and casting granule form. New forms are created from my raw materials using various hand tools such as saws, files, hammers, flex-shaft dremel with sanding wheels, hammers, etc. It feels incredible to create something beautiful and unique from such simple building blocks. The only pre-fabricated components in my work are usually earring hooks and necklace chains. 



I have moved my studio practice and no longer have access to casting equipment due to the expense of the equipment and safety reasons. Hence, unfortunately, I can no longer cast my molds myself. That won't stop me! I currently outsource and send my waxes to a lovely casting house that returns my rough castings for me to finish. My goal is to eventually be able to cast in my own studio because the entire process is indescribable! Until then, it takes a bit longer but the wait is always worth it!

About my work...

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