Reticulated Rod Collection - Longstem Earrings

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The term reticulate refers to something which resembles a net or network, such as the veins, fibres, or crossing lines in a leaf of a plant. It can also refer to a formation of a new species through hybridization. This minimalist collection, which directly evolved from the Capstan Collection, is created by heating the silver to a near-melting state. This causes the fine silver to rise to the surface. The piece is repeatedly feathered with the flame, which is quickly moved away before the piece reaches its melting point. As it cools, a beautiful intricate organic pattern remains on the surface, which often resembles the reticulation visible on plant leafs when examined closely. Although very plant-like, this simple and elegant collection is actually inspired by the unique weatherworn nautical textures of rusting anchors and metal.
  • Sterling silver
  • white & oxidized finishes available

*Size and fused silver may vary due to handmade nature.